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Welcome to Fire Island! – An Introduction to Gratiot County’s Premier Provisioning Center

Welcome, current and future Fire Islanders, to Gratiot County’s Premier Cannabis Provisioning Center! 

We are beyond thrilled for you to join our tribe. With that being said — as we continue to build our community here at Fire Island — we wanted to make sure we took some time to introduce ourselves and let you know what our brand and our amazing team are all about. 

Transparency, education, and awareness are all extremely important in order to make sure that cannabis consumers stay as informed as possible when it comes to their personal self-care. We look forward to providing lots of great info in our upcoming blogs.

Keep following along with this blog as we talk about our unique story, highlight some of the reasons why we believe in cannabis as the future of wellness, and put a spotlight on one of our esteemed local community partners. 


Fire Island Cannabis Provisioning Center: Our Story

First things first, let’s talk about the story. Fire Island was started by brothers Zack and Josh Everitt along with their wives Becky and Kara. 

All four Everitts have lived and worked in the Gratiot County area for many years. Zack worked as an attorney with Gallagher, Everitt & Associates, Josh worked as the owner/operator of Jake’s Small Engine Repair, Becky worked as an administrative professional at CMU, and Kara worked as the owner/manager of Crossroads Bar and Grill. 

They teamed up to create the first family-owned recreational cannabis retail store. (Fire Island is also proudly veteran-owned!) 


A New Natural Wellness Reality

The major spark that really fueled the founding of Fire Island was a tragic accident in which Zack sustained multiple facial and skull fractures and a traumatic brain injury (TBI). On his long and painful road to recovery, Zack continued to suffer from depression, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. 

Doctors prescribed various medications, but they did not alleviate his symptoms, and the side effects inflicted additional issues. Zack finally tried cannabis at a friend’s suggestion, and he subsequently had his first full night’s sleep since his accident. This breakthrough in his recovery led to the start of Fire Island.


The Enduring Importance of Cannabis Advocacy

Furthermore, Zack has since became a fierce advocate for cannabis at the local level and has represented clients for cannabis-related cases for years. He aided the passing of the City of Alma’s first medical marijuana ordinances and worked with Arcada Township to pass their ordinance in 2021. 

This crucial ordinance provided Fire Island with the opportunity to eventually become an established business. Zack continues to work with the local government in the City of Alma to make recreational marijuana more easily accessible to all. 


Fire Island Local Community Partners: Dalis to the Rescue

We love our local community, and aim to use our platform to support and collaborate with organizations doing important work to help make the world a better place. We also believe that through the power of cannabis, we collectively have the ability to foster positive change.

Join our team in supporting Dalis to the Rescue (a local initiative that works to educate the public about the responsibilities of caring for a pet with hopes of reducing euthanized and misunderstood animals.) They also offer relocation assistance, which is especially important in the frigid Michigan winters. 

Fire Island – Gratiot County’s (& Michigan’s) Premier Provisioning Center is open daily to kindle new interests in cannabis while tending to currently burning passions. Be sure to join our loyalty program to become an official member of the tribe, today!  

“Stay Lit” — & also be sure to connect with us on our social media channels to get the latest scoop on everything happening in Fire Island world — Facebook & Instagram 

*Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health or fitness regimen.*


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